Mango Languages

Mango logoMango Languages is an individualized language learning service available to patrons for use at home; all patrons need is their library card number. Like the Rosetta Stone service many people are familiar with, Mango can track your progress and combines visual and auditory learning.

Libraries signed up for Mango Languages are listed below. Find your library on the list and enter your library number at the prompt!

Aldrich Public Library
Bethel School
Brooks Memorial Library
Brownell Library
Carpenter-Carse Library
Charlotte Library
Chelsea School Library
Dailey Memorial Library
Deborah Rawson Library
Dorothy Alling Memorial Library
Enosburg Falls Middle/High School
Essex Free Library
Hartland Public Library
Ilsley Public Library
John G McCullough Free Library
Lyndon Institute Library
Mark Skinner Library
Martha Canfield Library
Morrill Memorial and Harris Library
Norwich Public Library
Pierson Library
Quechee Library
Richmond Free Library
Rutland Free Library
Saint Albans Free Library
Stowe Free Library
Winooski Public Library

5 Responses to Mango Languages

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  2. Victoria Short says:

    I belong to the Deborah Rawson Library. I was on your web-site already. I tried to sign in with the number I previously used and was told it was not correct. ????

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