VOKAL/Koha Project

The Vermont Organization of Koha Automated Libraries (VOKAL), is a project of the Green Mountain Library Consortium dedicated to creating a shared catalog and Integrated Library System.

In 2007, the Stowe Free Library, the Carpenter-Carse Library (Hinesburg), and the Kimball Public Library (Randolph) joined with Sheila Kearns of the Vermont Department of Libraries to explore options for an ILS system to replace Follett.  They decided on Koha, and in May of 2008, this team became VOKAL.

For more information on the project, please click here

13 Responses to VOKAL/Koha Project

  1. Gail Woll, Dorset Lib says:

    I’d like to know the steps to joining VOKAL this fall; also costs; what we need to do to get prepared, etc.

  2. Owen says:

    Are vokal developments being contributed back to the Koha project?

  3. Stephanie says:

    Absolutely! Is there something you’ve read about that you’re particularly interested in? Check the wiki for postings of our template changes, etc : http://openilsvt.pbworks.com/. As we leave our beta testing phase this Fall and feel confident in them, we’ll be sure to release the items we’ve coded.

  4. Releasing them would be good, what would be much better is sending patches so they could be included in Koha.
    I’d love to see a patch for issuing by title, someone was asking about that on the Koha list yesterday.

  5. Liz Rea says:

    I agree with Chris, I’d like to see your stuff integrated into the larger project, because many hands make light work, and the Koha community is all about many hands (and minds! the more people thinking about how koha works [and *can* work, more importantly] the better it gets!).

  6. Stephanie says:

    We totally agree. I know our coder is putting finishing touches on items and has the feature freeze date in mind.

  7. Ohh, and I see a patch for the issue by title hit the patches mailing list .. awesome!!!

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  9. Roberta Carrier says:

    We are looking at new computers and wondering what specs we should purchase to be
    ready to automate

  10. Helen Orear says:

    Have you considered putting some social bookmark buttons on your site? At least create one for Reddit so we could ping them up!

  11. sunita verma says:

    i am doing post graduation diploma in library automation and networking ,and i m not familiar with KOHA how it work in libraries . can you provide me some guidance in this field. Ishall be very thankfull to you .

  12. Stephanie says:


    we recommend you visit the Koha global community site at http://www.koha-community.org to research more about Koha and how it works, as well as links to libraries using Koha and groups and individuals around the world contributing to the development of the software.

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