GMLC Members

This page lists the Listen Up! Vermont, Mango Language, and VOKAL/Koha Project members.


(alphabetical by town)

for a map of Listen Up! Vermont participants, please visit our Listen Up! Vermont Google Map.


for a listing of only VOKAL participants and Friends, please see <VOKAL Members


Arlington: Martha Canfield Library (also Mango Languages)

Barnet: Barnet School

Barre: Aldrich Public Library (also Mango Languages)

Barre: Spaulding High School Library

Barton: Barton Public Library

Bennington: Bennington Free Library

Benson: Benson Village School (Friend of VOKAL)

Bethel: Bethel Elementary School Library

Bethel: Whitcomb Jr Sr HS Library

Bradford: Bradford Public Library

Brattleboro: Brooks Memorial Library (also Mango Languages)

Bristol: Lawrence Memorial Library 


Cabot: Cabot Public Library

Castleton: Castleton Public Library

Charlotte: Charlotte Central School

Charlotte: Charlotte Library

Chelsea: Chelsea Public Library

Chelsea: Chelsea School Library

Chester: Whiting Library

Colchester: Burnham Memorial Library (also VOKAL)

Cornwall: Cornwall Free Public Library

Craftsbury: Craftsbury Academy

Danville: Danville Village School Library

Derby: Dailey Memorial Library (also Mango Languages)

Derby: North Country Union Jr High Library

Dorset: Dorset Library (also VOKAL)

Dorset: Long Trail School Library


Enosburg: Ensoburg Middle/High School (also Mango Languages)

Essex: Essex Free Library (also Mango Languages)

Essex: Essex High School

Essex Jct: Brownell Library (currently not participating in Listen Up; also VOKAL)

Fairfax: Fairfax Community Library

Fairfield: Bent Northrop Memorial Library

Fairlee: Fairlee Public Library

Fletcher: Fletcher Elementary School Library

Franklin: Haston Library


Georgia: Georgia Public Library

Glover: Glover Public Library

Glover: Glover School Library

Grafton: Grafton Public Library

Groton: Groton Free Public Library

Hancock: Hancock Free Library 

Hardwick: Jeudevine Memorial Library

Hartford: Hartford Memorial Middle School

Hartland: Hartland Public Library

Highgate: Highgate Public Library

Hinesburg: Carpenter-Carse Library (also Mango Languages; VOKAL)

Hinesburg: Champlain Valley Union High School (CVU)

Hinesburg: Hinesburg Community School Library

Hyde Park: Lanpher Memorial Library (also Friend of VOKAL)


Jericho Town: Jericho Town Library (also VOKAL)

Jericho/Underhill: Deborah Rawson Memorial Library (also Mango Languages)

Johnson Public Library (Friend of VOKAL)

Killington: Sherburne Memorial Library 


Lincoln: Lincoln Library 

Londonderry: Flood Brook Union School Library

Ludlow: Fletcher Memorial Library

Lyndon: Lyndon Institute Library (also Mango Languages)

Lyndonville: Cobleigh Public Library

Manchester: Mark Skinner Library 

Marlboro: Marlboro School (VOKAL only)

Marshfield: Jaquith Public Library

Middlebury: Ilsley Public Library (also Mango Languages; Friend of VOKAL)

Middletown Springs: Middletown Springs Public Library

Milton: Milton Jr/Sr High School

Milton: Milton Public Library (also VOKAL)

Monkton: Monkton Central School

Montgomery: Montgomery Town Library

Montpelier: Montpelier High School Library

Montpelier: New England Culinary Institute (VOKAL only)

Montpelier: U32 School Library

Moretown: Moretown Elementary School Library

Morrisville: Morristown Centennial Library


New Haven: New Haven Community Library

Newbury: Tenney Memorial Library

Newport: North Country Union HS Library

North Bennington: John G. McCullough Free Library

Northfield: Brown Public Library

Norwich: Norwich Public Library (also Mango Languages; VOKAL)

Orange East Supervisory Union, represented by Bryant Patten (Friend of VOKAL)

Orleans: Lake Region Union High School


Peacham: Peacham Library

Pittsfield: Roger Clark Memorial Library

Pittsford: Maclure Library 

Plainfield: Cutler Memorial Library

Plainfield: Goddard College (VOKAL only)

Plainfield: Twinfield Union School Library

Poultney: Poultney Public Library

Proctor: Proctor Jr/Sr. High School Library

Proctor: Proctor Library

Proctorsville: Cavendish Fletcher Community Library

Putney: Putney Public Library

Putney: Putney School Library

Quechee: Quechee Library

Randolph: Kimball Public Library (also VOKAL)

Reading: Reading Public Library 

Richford: Arvin A Brown Library (also VOKAL)

Richmond: Richmond Free Library (also Mango Languages; VOKAL)

Rochester: Rochester School

Rockingham: Rockingham Free Public Library

Royalton: Royalton Memorial Library

Rutland: Rutland Free Library (also Mango Languages; Friend of VOKAL)


Sharon: Baxter Memorial Library

Shelburne: Pierson Library (also Mango Languages; vVOKAL)

Shoreham: Platt Memorial Library

South Burlington: South Burlington Community Library

South Hero: South Hero Community Library

Springfield: Springfield Town Library

St Albans: St Albans Free Library (also Mango Languages)

St Johnsbury: St Johnsbury Athenaeum (also VOKAL)

Stamford: Stamford Community Library

Starksboro: Starksboro Public Library

Stowe: Stowe Free Library (also Mango Languages; VOKAL

Strafford: Morrill Memorial and Harris Library 

Sunderland: Sunderland Elementary School (Friend of VOKAL)


Townshend: Leland & Gray Union High School Library

Townshend: Townshend Public Library

Tunbridge: Tunbridge Library (also VOKAL)


Vernon: Vernon Free Library 


Waitsfield: Joslin Memorial Library (also VOKAL )

Warren: Warren Public Library (also VOKAL)

Washington: Calef Memorial Library 

Waterford: Waterford School Library

Waterville: Waterville Town Library 

Weathersfield: Weathersfield School

Wells River: Baldwin Memorial Library

West Hartford: West Hartford Library

Westford: Westford Elementary School Library

Westford: Westford Public Library

Wilder: Wilder Club and Library

Williamstown: Williamstown Middle/High School

Williston: Dorothy Alling Memorial Library (also Mango Languages; VOKAL)

Wilmington: Twin Valley High School

Windsor: Windsor Public Library

Winooski: Winooski Public Library (also Mango Languages)

Woodbury: Woodbury Community Library

New Hampshire:


4 Responses to GMLC Members

  1. John Flores says:

    We would like to join Listen Up! Vermont.

    How do we join?

    Thank you.


  2. Stephanie says:

    Visit for more info on the Library side of Listen Up Vermont. Patrons looking for the service should visit directly.

  3. John says:

    Just thought you might like to know that your link to the vokal wiki is missing a colon, so it doesn’t work…

  4. Sunderland says:

    Hi, have you checked out the sunderland wiki?

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