Board of Directors Meeting – May 20, 2011

In attendance: Mary Danko, Wendy Hysko, Chris Kirby & Lucinda Walker

via ReadyMeeting

The meeting came to order at 11:05 AM

I. Finance – The Board approved moving to an Intuit Online Quickbooks account – the cost is $24.95/month and three people may have access to it.

2. e-Book Donations – Last year some libraries generously donated money to GMLC to purchase more content on ListenUp.  The same option will be available this year for libraries to donate money to buy more e-book content.  This option will be publicized during the membership meeting on May 24th and will be included on GMLC invoices next fall.

3. Executive Director/Administrator – The Board discussed the feasibility of hiring an executive director/administrator.  It was decided that current funding would not allow for such a formal position.  However, it is possible to make some of the GMLC/VOKAL positions volunteer some kind of stipend pay.  Mary thanked the many people who donate their time and expertise to GMLC.

4. EZ-Proxy Hosting by ByWater – Currently ListenUp is hosted on Middlebury College’s server.  It is time to move away from this.  Chris has been in contact with ByWater and they’ve offered to host the EZ proxy server and maintain our databases for $2200/year.  The Board voted to adopt this contract.  Chris will present this plan at the Annual Meeting.

5. GMLC Membership survey – Lucinda reported that 47 members have taken the survey.  She will discuss the initial results at the Annual Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lucinda Walker

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