Suggestions from Nicole: Participating in the Greater Koha Community

Nicole Engard, who ran our Koha training for us on Monday, posted a little ways back about how people could participate in the greater Koha community. Richard and I follow the listserv, and have sat in on a few IRC meetings; if you’re interested in what’s happening with Koha, Nicole’s suggestions, which I’ve pasted in full below, are a great overview. While she mentions IRC meetings scheduled for 5/4 and 5/5, they happen frequently.


Hello all,

I just wanted to touch base with everyone and let you know that there
is a Koha Community meeting today (and tomorrow) on IRC.  If you’re
curious about how we (the community) make decisions about where the
software is going and who’s going to do what you might want to poke in
at 3pm EST today or 3pm tomorrow.

If you’ve never used IRC, you can simply click the IRC link in this
announcement: and
follow the instructions (it’s very easy).  When the meeting starts we
all type our names and our affiliation and then the meeting begins,
many people simply announce themselves and then just ‘listen’ in to
see what’s going on in the community.  That said, I do encourage you
to ask questions if you’re curious or confused – it’s the best way to

In addition to our monthly meetings, I want to point out other ways to
keep up with the community.  I have compiled a list of Koha on social
networks here: and
it includes information on where to find Koha on sites like Facebook
and Twitter (and many many others).

Also there is the official website/blog that you can subscribe to: and official Koha Newsletter:

And last but not least you can subscribe to our blog here at ByWater
Solutions: where we post
company news, community news and general open source education type

This is all in addition to the most popular means for communication –
the Koha Mailing Lists:

I hope to see some of you today in the meeting and on any of these
other communication venues.

Nicole C. Engard
Director of Open Source Education
ByWater Solutions

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