Suggested Bylaw Changes for Review

The GMLC Board is looking to update the Bylaws for the Consortium, and have submitted a host of changes for member approval. All of the proposed changes, including passages struck out of the current bylaws, can be seen by downloading the Bylaws from our shared folder. The Bylaws are 15 pages long and can be downloaded from the link above (PDF) or viewed directly.

The vast majority of changes are small, and seek to make the bylaws easier for member libraries and the Board to understand. Our original bylaws were drafted, with our input, by the lawyers we hired to complete our 501(c)3 process.

Changes of particular importance:

  • Article II, Section 1: Board size increases from 3 to 5 members to 5 to 7 members
  • Article II, Section 3: Board members are elected by the membership at Annual Meeting
  • Article III, Section 6 (was section 7): Board put in writing that they shall strive to meet the guidelines of the VT Open Meeting Law and gives member libraries some guidelines for participating in Board meetings
  • Article VII, Section 1: Definition of our members expanded from just Vermont to Vermont, NH, Western MA, and NE New York
  • Article VII, Section 9: Language added dealing with withdrawal
  • Article IX, Section 5: Added language that bylaw changes (following the approval of these changes) must be approved by at least 2/3rds of the membership
  • Article X: Added in its entirety

The Bylaws also refer to a Membership Policy, which shall be drafted by the Board, using the current Membership Agreement as a starting template.

Please feel free to add any comments or questions in the comments below, especially if you are not able to attend our Annual Meeting on May 25 at noon, during lunch at the Vermont Library Conference. The bylaws are on the agenda for the meeting, and we can discuss questions and concerns there as well.

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