Listen Up! stats

There is so much information you can find out about our downloadable collection through the many reports OverDrive offers. Have you signed up for the Reports training yet?

The top four most wait listed titles in our collection belong to the four books in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series.

The Friday Night Knitting Club is our most popular title overall.

We have 1,038 distinct titles in our collection, with an additional 113 additional copies of various titles.

7,398 unique patrons have used our collection, for a total of 32,692 checkouts, since we began in March of 2008.

We only have one book purchased before 1/31/2010 that’s never gone out: a book called Prisoner of the State by Bao Pu, which was purchased 12/29/2009. All of our other titles have gone out at least once; the least popular title we own is This is the house that Jack built by Simms Taback, which has only gone out twice.

The most popular title we have added since the start of 2010 is A yellow raft in blue water by Michael Dorris, which has gone out 33 (!) times in the 16 days we’ve owned it.


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