Recorded Book Additions for February

Added to the Recorded Books One Click Collection in February:

1 Thereby Hangs A Tail Quinn, Spencer
2 Killer Pancake (Catering Mystery Bk #5) Davidson, Diane Mott
3 Crowner Royal Knight, Bernard
4 Executive Power Tracy, Brian
5 Buying Secrets Retailers DON’T Want You to Know About Wink, Peter
6 Flight Burke, Jan
7 When Everything Changed Collins, Gail
8 Married in Haste Maxwell, Cathy
9 Lost Get-Back Boogie Burke, James Lee
10 Among Thieves Hosp, David iPod Compatible
11 War Dances Alexie, Sherman iPod Compatible
12 You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up Gurwitch, Annabelle & Kahn, Jeff iPod Compatible
13 Apple Turnover Murder Fluke, Joanne iPod Compatible
14 How To Love Livingston, Gorodn, MD iPod Compatible
15 Heartbreaking Work of Stagggering Genius, A Eggers, Dave iPod Compatible
16 Union Atlantic Haslett, Adam iPod Compatible
17 Up to No Good Weber, Carl iPod Compatible
18 Fireflies in December Valent, Jennifer Erin iPod Compatible
19 Justice Game, The Singer, Randy iPod Compatible
20 Nothing But Trouble Warren, Susan May iPod Compatible
21 Love’s Pursuit Mitchell, Siri iPod Compatible
22 Rhino Ranch McMurtry, Larry iPod Compatible
23 Spanish Dagger (China Bayles Bk #15) Albert, Susan Wittig iPod Compatible
24 Spanish Fly Ferguson, Will iPod Compatible
25 Polished Hoe, The Clarke, Austin iPod Compatible
26 Listener, The Nayman, Shira iPod Compatible
27 Montana Creeds: Logan Miller, Linda Lael iPod Compatible
28 Holy Smokes McAlister, Katie iPod Compatible
29 Jennifer Morgue, The Stross, Charles iPod Compatible
30 Hellfire Canyon McCoy, Max iPod Compatible

For Children and Young Adults

1 Rebecca: An American Girl Greene, Jacqueline Dembar
2 Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider Bk #8) Horowitz, Anthony
3 Raiders’ Ransom Diamand, Emily
4 Bone Magician, The Higgins, F. E.
5 Horrible Harry on the Ropes Kline, Suzy iPod Compatible
6 Silver Kiss, The Klause, Annette Curtis iPod Compatible
7 Erak’s Ransom Flanagan, John iPod Compatible
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