GMLC Annual Meeting Minutes – May 13, 2009

GMLC Annual Member Meeting
Wednesday May 13, 2009
In attendance:

Rebecca Mueller (Richmond Free Library), Susan Barden (Carpenter-Carse Library), Kip Roberson (Pierson Library), Mary Florio (Waterford School), Jerry Carbone (Brooks Memorial Library), Pamela Burke (Marlboro School), Deb Roderer (Dorothy Alling Memorial Library), Helen Linda( Goddard College), Stephanie Chase (Stowe Free Library), Richard Pritsky (Carpenter Carse Library), Susan Swasta (Mark Skinner Library), Deborah Kahn (Warren Public), Cinder Waters (Mark Skinner Library), Ellen Boyer (Mark Skinner), Amy Grasmick (Kimball Public), Judah Hamer (Ilsley Public Library), Penny Pillsbury (Brownell Library), Victoria Tibbits (Westford Public Library), Lisa Von Kann (St. Johnsbury Athenaeum), Shara McCaffrey (St. Johnsbury Athenaeum), Peter Blogett (Latham Library), Chris Kirby (Ilsley Public Library), Lucinda Walker (Norwich)

Meeting called to order at 1:17 PM

1. Minutes of the May 13, 2008  Annual Meeting were approved.

2. 2009 Treasurer’s Report – Judah Hamer pointed out that GMLC’s legal expenditures will decline in the upcoming year since the paperwork for the 501(c)(3) application has been completed.  The financials look good.

Next year more money will be expended for content.  The Treasurer’s report was approved.

3. Board of Directors Election – Lucinda Walker was elected Secretary for a second 3-year term.

4. Project Updates

 ListenUp! Vermont – Kip Roberson (Selection Coordinator) reported that new posters and bookmarks are available.  Beginning this month each selector on the committee will be in charge of a specific genre.  The

selectors will more actively monitor the hold lists.  Selectors will purchase an extra copy of a title if there are 6-8 holds on it.  It is still slim pickings with popular titles in MP3 formats, though with help, adding the

Recorded Books service will change that.  This year will be the last for mid-year sign ups (July ’09).  Beginning January 2010 open enrollment will only occur in January (echoes the membership year).  The collection

has tripled in the past 3 months and we expect to hit 20,000 checkouts this summer.
 There was some concern voiced about whether or not the Recorded Book subscription would duplicate current titles.  Stephanie said she could email anyone interested in the core RB collection.  RB has been very

flexible with their pricing for GMLC.  Please let Stephanie know as soon as possible if your library wishes to sign up for a 6 month RB contract.  One drawback to RB is that there will be no individual statistics and it is

currently not available to schools and academics. Helen Linda suggested the academics be polled to see how many might be interested in the RB academic package.   Stephanie said eventually it would be a

requirement for libraries to subscribe to both LUV and RB, but now, even if you are not on LUV you can still do RB.
 vokal/Koha – Warren Public Library will go live June 1st, the Marlboro School will go live May 14th, Stowe and Norwich by July 1.  Waitsfield and Warren will merge catalogs.  Koha 3.2 will be released this fall.

Richard attended Koha-Con in Plano, TX.  There are more vendors offering support on a more flexible basis.  Thousands of libraries are using Koha around he world.  Phase I – developed features & beta testing has

been completed.   Phase II  will focus on how/where to host, how to offer support and tweaking of consortia features.  Stephanie has told Marty Reid that GMLC is willing to be a pilot project – we’re interested in a

statewide union catalog.  Richard reported that Koa works with the state’s ILL system seamlessly.

5. Paid opportunities with the GMLC – We are looking for a PT development coordinator.  This person would be responsible for researching appropriate and very large grants ($200,000- $250,000 over two years).  The

job would begin asap and end by September 1st.  The stipend is $5000.  Successful applicants should have successful previous experience with large grants (multiyear $200,000-$250,00).

6. Project Advisory Board (Volunteer) – Committee would be charged with investigating new GMLC projects – this is not a heavy time commitment
New Business – none

Stephanie Chaise thanked the 116 GMLC member libraries – She pointed out that GMLC is a testament to the willingness of libraries across the state to work together and take a leap of faith.

Meeting adjourned 2:05 PM

Respectfully submitted, Lucinda H. Walker, Secretary

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