Good Words for OverDrive Support

A note from one of our librarians:

I wanted to tell you how helpful the tech people have been. I have a very sweet young man who is really into physics, and he was frustrated that he couldn’t get Overdrive to download to his home computer. I asked him to print out the message he got, but he wrote it down. I was not sure I had enough information for them, but they were able to give me step by step directions to pass on to him, and he happily downloaded Overdrive and burned the books he wanted to cd.

Please don’t hesitate us if you or one of your patrons are having trouble — simply email with as much information as you can provide (ie, your operating system, the error message you get, the step that’s not working, etc). Hone your own troubleshooting skills at one of our trainings, too:

Patron Assistance: Become an OverDrive Download Library Specialist

Wednesday May 6th at 10am

Digital Library 101: Browse, Check Out, and Download!

Thursday May 7th at 10am EDT

remember, you do not need to pre-register for these sessions — just be online at the right time with your access code, and be able to be on the phone at the same time. Look for an email soon with the access codes and more information.

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