It’s here! It’s finally here!

What’s here, you ask?

iPod compatibility!

As the Selection Committee noted back at the very end of September, we have been able to purchase audiobooks in the mp3 format, which is a format compatible with all players, whether it is those little $30 ones you’ve been circulating or your iPod. Compatibility with Macs is coming, and we hope it will be here by the end of the year.

Check out the collection at

The collection is starting out small, of course, but the Selection Committee is on the job putting together new orders, and the number of participating publishers, and therefore the titles available to purchase, continues to grow. As Kip Roberson mentioned, the selections to date are mainly classics (so don’t expect American Wife or the newest James Patterson quite yet).

Take a few minutes to look at the redesigned informational pages on each title. You’ll see that the format for the title is listed, as well as several icons that are highlighted to let you know the permissions for that title — whether it works on an iPod, whether you can burn it to cd, etc. For example, to the left is a screen shot of Anna Karenina. It’s available as both an mp3 file (top) and a WMA file (bottom); you need a PC to download it; you can burn either format to cd; the mp3 file is WMA, iPod, and mp3 compatible while the WMA file is only able to be played on WMA compatible devices. Most of your patrons will not have trouble, as the titles available to them will continue to be available — only now, your iPod users can easily download too!

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