GMLC Annual Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Green Mountain Library Consortium
Annual Meeting
13 May 2008
6:30 PM

Present: Board of Directors: Stephanie Chase (Stowe), Judah Hamer (Rutland Free) & Lucinda Walker (Norwich Public), and representatives of the following libraries: Richard Pritsky (Carpenter-Carse Library), Madeline Sherman (Proctor High School), Kris Berberian (Vernon Free Library), David Clark (Isley Public Library), Marti Fiske & Debbie Roderer (Dorothy Alling Library), Sarah Mellowship (Putney School), Jessamyn West (Tunbridge Public Library), Deborah Kahn (Warren Public Library.)

The meeting was called to order at 6:50 PM. Stephanie Chase introduced the Board of Directors and gave a brief update on the Consortium’s 501(c) 3 status. The final papers will be filed soon.

ListenUp! Vermont

  • Stephanie encouraged everyone to sign up for RSS feeds or email alerts to the blog (
  • OverDrive will begin releasing Macintosh & iPod compatible material this summer.
  • There will be a chance for libraries to join during Round II this summer. Libraries that wish to join will need to pay a flat $300 fee to OverDrive.

The goal for ListenUp! Vermont’s fee structure is sustainability. However, the more $ we have the more content we can purchase. Consider asking your library’s Friends group to donate to ListenUp!

Additional copies of very popular books have been purchased.

Stephanie thanked the following groups for their support in adding content:

  • The Dept. of Libraries purchased the DCF and GM titles.
  • Friends of DCF purchased extra DCF books.
  • VLSA purchased additional GM books

There has been some interest from academic libraries in joining. Please spread the word to your library friends!

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